• Ham from a 100% Iberian pig, that has been fed acorn-based and grass in the fattening months in a free range.
    «Pata Negra»
    *With the guarantee of Hidalgo de la Jara.
  • + Ham hoder + Ham Knife + Sharpener
  • Ham Weight: De 6,8 a 7,3 Kg
    Transportation included.
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    345.00 IVA Incluído



  • 100% Iberico pork produced in Andalusia and Extremadura’s farmlands.
    This pork is processed in the sausage and salting ham factories, in the Natural Park of the Aracena Mountain Range and the Aroche Peaks.
    Maturing: For a 24 to 36 months period, according to the weight of the piece.
    Commercialization: Hidalgo de la Jara.
    Distributed: Netitalia, S.L. (
  • Ham Holder with wooden base, 1 Ham carving knife, 1 Short knife y 1 Sharpener. What is necessary for a good cut, which is essential for the perfect degustation of high quality Iberian ham.